NGS Preschool offers a holistic educational experience to each child by inspiring a lifelong love for learning and by inculcating skills that enable them to become independent thinkers, effective communicators and solution seekers. Our curriculum is comprehensively designed by our Educational Experts and it incorporates the Habits of Mind framework, Multiple Intelligences Theory, Montessori Approach and Positive Psychology.

We aim to nurture our Preschoolers so that they grow up to become happy, confident and successful adults.

Our curriculum focuses on all aspects of child development including their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Our approach is child-centric and focuses on self-directed learning. The entire environment at NGS Preschool aims to inspire our Preschoolers by offering them beautifully designed spaces to learn, play, create and explore.

By the end of our Preschool program, our children are able to care for themselves independently and are able to build motor skills, coordination and concentration.

Sensorial-Motor Education aids in the development and refinement of the child’s senses.

Language Education involves pre-reading activities and games, and phonic instruction for reading and writing. Much of the emphasis is on language development through an introduction to the correct terminology for the things in the child’s environment.

Mathematics activities involve the use of hands-on rather than abstract materials to develop a genuine understanding of concepts.

Cultural Education include topics related to Geography, Botany, Science and History.

The children are encouraged to develop their innate creative potential by being exposed to a wide variety of Art and Craft materials.

The preschool curriculum introduces children to a wide variety of these daily activities that focus on the importance of sharing, strengthen listening /comprehension skills while developing large and fine motor skills.

Curriculum is covered by employing preschool activities such as:

  • Nature study
  • Music & creative movement
  • Baking
  • Role play
  • Reading
  • Art & craft
  • Memory games
  • Free play
  • Story time
  • Computer work
  • Number work
  • Drama
  • Puppetry
  • Imaginative play
  • Field trips

Focus on such attention to detail ensures that our students develop well rounded personalities, a characteristic associated with only the best preschools.


Children join the Playgroup at the age of 2+, which forms the first year of the NGS Preschool Programme. During this year our preschoolers are introduced to the FIVE STAR curriculum that focuses on five distinctive educational programmes. Each educational programme is taught through play, music, movement and sensorial activities. The focus is to develop the child’s creativity, confidence and motor skills at this stage.


Children go on to the Reception class at 3+. Number work and literacy is introduced extensively in the Reception class. Children move on to a higher level of the FIVE STAR curriculum that has been designed age appropriately. Writing and reading tasks gain significance at this stage. The focus is directed more towards learning through project inquiry and by inculcating healthy Habits of the Mind. Daily “circle time”, singing and story-telling ensures participation of each child.


Children complete the preschool programme in the Preparatory class at the age of around 5. In addition to further developing every child’s literacy and numeracy skills, Urdu and one other language is introduced at this stage. The focus is directed towards developing strong communication skills and confidence in children by being able to present and perform frequently in front of audiences. By the end of the Preparatory class, children are comfortable with number work and are able to read and write small paragraphs both in English and Urdu. In addition, our preschoolers become avid readers and develop skills related to arts, sports, science and robotics.

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