The CHILD develops key skills and learns at his or her unique pace through Eight Programmes based on Multiple Intelligences.

The ability to learn is the most important part of a child’s development. The preschool years are highly formative and they allow parents and teachers a wonderful opportunity to develop a child’s psycho-social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills, which can last them a life time. Keeping in mind the rapid pace at which a Preschooler’s brain is developing, our Star Learner Programme is based on an amazing curriculum that ensures that each child benefits from a vast array of knowledge, ideas, activities and projects. The Star Leaner Programme focuses on the nurturing of Eight Key Skills that are essential for the holistic development and progress of a child. These skills include reading skills, mathematical skills, physical skills, artistic skills, tinkering skills, culinary skills, social skills and scientific skills.

  1. Reading Rabbits (Reading Programme)

Books are a gateway to a world of imagination and endless possibilities. At NGS Preschool, we believe that reading books from as early an age as possible is vital for child development, as those children who read are most likely to fulfill their ambitions and succeed. BookShine is a reading Programmeme designed by the experts of NGS Preschool to inculcate the love of reading and writing in our Reading Rabbits. We aim to expand the Vocabulary of our toddlers, along with teaching them correct Pronunciation and Grammar. We hope to enhance their Imagination, which will eventually lead to good lifelong Writing and Speaking skills. We also look forward to increasing Concentration levels of our Reading Rabbits, and eventually associating pleasure with books. BookShine endeavors to inspire a lasting love of reading that will give them a bright start in life. INSPIRE A LOVE FOR READING!

  1. Creative Caterpillars (Arts Programme)

At NGS Preschool, we believe that Art is a process. Therefore, we have created a safe place for our Creative Caterpillars to relax and enjoy themselves, through which they will naturally develop at their own pace and their ability to create will expand.Through the NGS Preschool Art Programme, our Preschoolers will experiment utilizing unique materials with a variety of art techniques to finesse their motor skills.Learning to produce and appreciate visual aesthetics is vital for a child’s growth. Our Preschoolers learn to broaden their Cultural knowledge, develop Innovation, enhance their Visual learning and stimulate their Self Expression with Art. They will also be guided to strengthen their decision-making skills, hone their language and public speaking skills as they proudly present their art pieces to the class and parents.

  1. Music Maestros (Music Programme)

Children of all ages express themselves through music. They sing, sway and share from an early age. Music is a universal language known to accelerate brain development, increase language acquisition and foster relationships. It helps the mind and body work together in harmony. Therefore, sufficient stimulation and exposure to music play is necessary to teach toddlers emotional and social maturity. The professionals of NGS Preschool have uniquely designed a Music Programme which combines various forms of musical experiences through which our Music Maestros will have opportunities to develop emotionally, socially and intellectually as they tune their motor skills, numeracy, creativity and rhythmic sense.

  1. Singapore Mathematics (Mathematics Programme)

Logical minds are developed via exercising the brain in a multitude of mind training activities. Logical minds are required for successful decision making, planning, organizing and completing projects. Logical minds are the cornerstone of presenting an effective argument. Mathematics is one tool for developing a logical mind. The Singaporean Mathematics curriculum offered at NGS Preschool is a fantastic tool that enables our Preschoolers to develop a logical mind and numeracy skills which will last them a life time.

  1. Techno Bots (Robotics Programme)

The rising importance of technology and the infiltration of digital-learning Programmes into our education system have made it necessary for children to become knowledgeable and skillful in the realm of technology. Our Robotics Programme teaches our Children the basics of computers, digital devices, Robotics and coding practices. Our Award winning Wize Floor facility also caters to the Robotics Programme, where children learn through technology. Children will get the cutting edge and learn how to create their coding machines through various projects and themes embedded in our Preschool Curriculum. They become little Techno Bots at a young age that will keep them moving in tandem with a constantly evolving technological landscape.

  1. Savvy Scientists (Science Programme)

We learn best through Scientific Inquiry. Our Science Programme is embedded within all our projects and activities. The scientific perspective enables us to create a hypothesis, to gather evidence and to prove or disprove the hypothesis. This mode of learning enables our Preschoolers to draw valid conclusions via the construction of rational arguments based on available scientific evidence. In order to develop analytical minds, children need to be taught beyond the ‘X causes Y’ theoretical approach. Since a young age, their minds need to be developed so that when they observe a phenomenon they do not settle for the simplest explanation without conducting scientific inquiry. This is how Scientists think and Inventors are born! The NGS Preschool Curriculum is geared towards encouraging our Preschoolers to become Savvy Scientists through fun activities and project based learning.

  1. Budding Bakers (Culinary Skills Programme)

Developing a healthy body is equally important as it is to develop a healthy mind. Our Culinary Skills Programme aims to enhance a child’s knowledge about the human body, proper nutrition and healthy eating habits and about developing a balanced diet approach. Our Preschoolers are exposed to different cuisines of the world via baking and other creative activities so that they can experience and appreciate the diversity of nutritious diets followed around the globe. Our International Cuisine Day is a very popular event among our parents who are invited as guests to our International Cafes and serviced by our Preschoolers. The Culinary Skills Programme is a holistic Programme that develops a child’s baking skills, communication skills, motor skills and confidence levels. Our Budding Bakers learn about different languages, different cultures, and various traditions and as part of this novel Programme.

  1. Sporty Spiders (Sports Programme)

With an ever-increasing use of technology in our children’s lives, we at NGS Preschool aim to promote a healthy lifestyle through a variety of fun games and activities. Physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. Exercise has also proven to improve a child’s skill at reading, memorization and arithmetic. Through our Sports Programme, our Sporty Spiders are encouraged to cultivate essential psychomotor skills in a non-competitive environment. They have the opportunity to build their confidence, develop teamwork and leadership qualities, learn principles through fair play, and take success or failure in their stride. We strive to teach lifelong lessons on and off the pitch, which eventually shape our Sporty Spiders into honest and reliable adults.

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