The CHILD develops FOUR core leadership competencies including communication, confidence, creativity and commitment.

At NGS Preschool, we believe that every child has the potential to become a leader. Leadership traits nurtured at a young age cultivate a positive mind-set leading to success in adult life. Children with leadership qualities have more control of their emotions and surroundings, and believe that they have the ability to make things happen. The aim of our Star Leader Programme is to encourage and instill Four Core competencies or the Four Cs: Communication, Confidence, Creativity and Commitment.

Program activities foster effective communication skills, whilst building self esteem and nurturing original ideas. NGS Preschool promotes Confidence and Commitment to a task with a ‘never give up’ attitude among our Preschoolers. We create a safe and productive educational environment in which the main focus is to praise all Preschoolers on effort, hard work and perseverance. Other important core competencies inculcated through our curriculum include Teamwork, Honesty and Empathy. We also work towards developing a good work ethic in our Star Leaders, which bolsters self-sufficiency and dependability. In order to teach accountability, we have designed a Reward system through our Star Leadership Award, that is presented to our Star Leaders who work diligently towards inculcating the Four Cs, and other leadership traits. Our Star Leader Programme focuses on shaping leaders of tomorrow.

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