The CHILD learns through project-inquiry and explores the world in a fun way.

Children ask questions…a lot of questions! How do you answer them to satisfy their natural curiosity and to instill in them a love for asking more questions? Do you provide them with factual answers or do you enable them to seek answers via fun activities and exploration adventures?

Our Star Explorer Programme is one of the pillars of the NGS Preschool Curriculum. It caters to every child’s naturally curious disposition by widening their imagination, honing their comprehension skills, instilling problem solving capabilities, creating an aptitude for team work, improving presentation skills and by developing their communication skills. This Unique Programme develops innovative minds, creative thinkers and a lifelong love for seeking knowledge and conducting research. Preschoolers learn about the world via the project inquiry approach that helps them view the world around them in awe and wonderment and fully appreciate the innumerous blessings bestowed upon us.

As part of this 20-weeks Programme, our Preschoolers are encouraged to brainstorm to come up with ideas and topics of their interest. They are then encouraged to explore about the topic via different avenues of research. Preschoolers are exposed to a wide variety of stimulating places, ideas and experiences that enhances their knowledge about the project theme. As they discover the intricacies of the world through various innovative activities and teacher-guided processes, they gather new information and knowledge about the project theme. Throughout this fun journey, they investigate the topic and eventually choose between different modes of presentation to display their project in front of their doting parents.

This student-led learning approach is essential to survive in today’s rapidly changing environment, which requires us to continuously evolve and adapt to the changing times. Our dedicated teachers supervise the project and encourage the child to continue progress at each stage of the project inquiry journey. As a result, our Preschoolers emerge more knowledgeable, more confident, effective communicators, team players, creative thinkers and Star Explorers.

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