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The Montessori method has been well tested and researched across the world for over 100 years.

Montessori education assists children by providing them education through carefully designed activities. Participation in such activities allows children to develop their potential and capabilities as there are no set boundaries for children to perform. They are capable of exploring and executing tasks in their own unique way.

Researches all across the globe find that children develop most of the skills in their first six years. During these years, children learn spontaneously. Montessori education is imparted through sensory materials so that children identify the stimuli they encounter. Apart from it, children are provided with the freedom of choice of materials and freedom of movement in the classroom.

Montessori education focuses on social development. It remains a prominent factor. Children are allowed to interact naturally and spontaneously with their peers. This way, the children develop excellent communication skills through the exchange of ideas and discussions within their group. Children become more adaptable that helps them to adopt and adapt easily in any environment. The Montessori programme is self- directed and non-competitive that helps children develop self confidence so they can face new challenges effectively. Children practice the highest moral ethics like compassion, kindness, empathy, honesty, love and respect for others, all of which are characteristics of Montessori Education and NGS Preschool.


Today’s world is experiencing rapid change and regeneration due to latest scientific developments including technological advancements, progress in artificial intelligence, the rise of social media and the increased use of digital devices in daily lives.

At NGS Preschool, the NEO Montessori Method combines all the virtues of the classical Montessori system with modern technology and educational theories.

Children of Reception and Preparatory classes use SMART SCREENS, TABLETS and web-based software accounts to complement the learning process. LASER pointers are freely used in classrooms to alternate between the books in hand and the material on the walls.

The Wize Floor facility at the Upper Mall Campus is unique and offers the opportunity to children learn important concepts through play and movement.

This innovation oriented progressive approach makes NGS one of the best preschools in Lahore.

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