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Multiple Intelligences

The early years is the most important period in life and deserves careful attention. Neuroscience studies have crystallized findings which prove that 90% of the child’s intellect, personality and life skills are acquired by the age of 5.

While every child comes with his or her own genetic make-up, we can enhance environmental stimulation to increase the child’s overall development, propelling him or her towards greater success. To be able to provide that flourishing environment, it is critical to recognize that every child is unique and will respond more to one particular learning style. That is why we have our artists, mathematicians, musicians, writers, etc.

For lifelong success, parents & teachers must find out at an early stage, the learning style that is most suited to a particular child. No child should be expected to fit into a stringent mould. Each child must be allowed to grow at his or her own pace. Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University has identified SEVEN distinct intelligences in his theory of Multiple Intelligence or MI.

Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence or MI states that each child possesses seven basic intelligences that include: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

In the early years, a child can develop all seven intelligences to an adequate extent; however, it is important to identify the DOMINANT INTELLIGENCE of a child at an early stage, to be able to determine his / her LEARNING STYLE. Once the learning style is known, the child will have enhanced learning capacity and will be able to absorb knowledge not possible before. In other words, we can have “Super Learners”.

The NGS Preschool curriculum incorporates Dr. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Each child at NGS is given a variety of learning experiences to identify the dominant intelligence and learning style. NGS Preschool teachers are trained to make lesson plans based on these findings. The child’s learning style and strengths are exploited for accelerated learning and holistic development.

If the parents know the learning style of their child, it is possible to cover academic ground at home, which is unimaginable otherwise. Parents can actually make their child a “STAR Learner”. This gives NGS its edge amongst other Montessori schools in Lahore.

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