NGS Preschool has developed a unique curriculum that we like to call the ‘FIVE STAR CURRICULUM’. The ‘Smiling’ and ‘Happy’ STAR in our Preschool LOGO, is how we view each of our Preschoolers. The five vertices of this Star represent the five segments that form the core of the NGS Preschool Curriculum. The Star Learner Programme comprises of EIGHT key skills that are essential for every child’s wholesome development. The Star Explorer Programme develops the spirit of inquiry and self-directed learning among each preschooler. The Star Thinker Programme inculcates Healthy Habits of the Mind since a young age, hence nurturing a progressive, open-minded, reflective and analytical thinker for life. The Star Voyager Programme, ensures that our preschoolers are always positively engaged and learning while there are a part of the NGS Preschool environment. The Star Leader Programme, allows preschoolers to identify and develop the leader within themselves.

Our Educational Experts have ensured that our curriculum doesn’t leave any stone unturned to expand and develop the potential of your child while he/she enjoys and thrives during his or her educational journey at NGS Preschool, and emerges as the Brightest Stars in the practical world.

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