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Our Philosophy

NGS Preschool follows the Neo-Montessori system for early education. This system successfully blends all the essential elements of Montessori education into a thematic learning environment. In addition, our philosophy caters to the Multiple Intelligences Theory and Habits of Mind Framework.

Our pedagogical philosophy revolves around maintaining the child’s originality while training him/her for standardized assessments.

NGS Preschool classrooms offer situations of adventure and discovery to every young explorer. Learning materials that develop self-expression and pre-academic skills are arranged creatively.

Our main philosophy revolves around the 5 Hs: Health, happiness, honesty, hard work, and harmony.

The Five Points form the foundation of a child’s character development at NGS Preschool and represent the attributes that all children should develop during their time at NGS Preschool.

Health: We believe that health is the biggest blessing on earth. Hence, we place extra emphasis on ensuring that our children are provided with a healthy environment. The school canteen is monitored regularly to ensure that healthy snacks are available for children. Children’s lunch boxes are checked daily in order to guide parents to make healthy choices for their child’s lunch. We consistently execute cleanliness programs in school where children are exposed to the concept of germs, garbage and pollution so that they become cleanliness conscious individuals.

Happiness: We believe that happiness is every child’s basic right. Hence, we strive to create a cheerful and positive environment at school, where there is greater emphasis on rewards rather than punishment. A happy child is a confident and caring child. Thus, the way our curriculum is designed and the training of our staff ensures that children enjoy while learning and look forward to come to school.

Honesty: We believe that the lack of correct values leads to the degradation of any society. Since, children are our future, it is imperative that correct values are inculcated in them in order to secure our future. Thus, we strongly encourage the value of honesty among our entire student body, teachers and staff.

Hard work: We strongly believe that hard work is a virtue, which if held fast, can assist in reaching heights of success and prestige in this world. The activities and curriculum at NGS Preschool encourage a child to try their best at all times. “Never give up” is our motto.

Harmony: An organized mind is a peaceful mind. We believe that children can be trained from a very young age to maintain order around them in order to experience peace and harmony. Thus, we constantly expose our children to an orderly, organized and disciplined environment in order to motivate them to become orderly and organized individuals themselves. Thus, NGS Preschool maintains a harmonious atmosphere where all our children are at peace.

It is our attention to such details that makes NGS Preschool one of the most highly rated preschools in Lahore.

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22, D-1 Gulberg III Lahore Pakistan
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